How A Mountain Bike Grip Is Made | Lyne Compnents’ Cosmic Cactus

While grips are not often the most exciting component that you’ll find on the modern mountain bike, they are a huge player in the comfort and control department. There is a massive range of grips available on the market but as with many things, price point can be a...

What is “CLASSIFIED” and Why Should You Care?

Innovative Belgian company announces the next development of the groundbreaking Powershift hub with its entry into the mountain bike scene. On Tuesday 4 April, Belgian drivetrain technology company 'Classified' announced the launch of a mountain bike-specific...

Spotted | Signal Bikes’ Unreleased Full Suspension Marathon / XC Bike

While out at the recent Imbuko Big 5 MTB Challenge, we saw what appears to be a production ready full suspension marathon (or XC) bike from Cape Town based Signal Bikes. Here’s what we can know about the bike. “Signal Bikes is named after Cape Town’s iconic Signal...


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