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At WILD AIR Sports we are all about pursuing awesome adventures outdoors and enabling other people to do so as well! While we have been very running and cycling focused up to now, there is much more in the big wide world to explore and thus we are over the moon to be bringing you rock climbing content, kicking off with an Intro To Rock Climbing series!

With a new realm of content comes a new contributing team member… Introducing, Naadirah Moola te Water!

The eagle eyed viewer may have picked her up on our running page, being a proficient runner as well, Naads has chipped in some expertise on our First Look at the New Balance Fuelcell Propel V4 but her passion really lies with climbing big ol’ boulders!

A Guide On How To Get Better At Rock Climbing
Naadirah is most at home in the mountains. (c) Catarina Monteiro

Naadirah is a lively and bubbly character to be around and we are beyond stoked to have her sharing her expertise in the rock climbing world with us! Get to know her a bit in our Q&A below, keep an eye out for more content coming from her throughout the year, and say hi if you bump into her on the trail or the climbing gym!

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WA: So Naads, let’s start off with a bit of background on you. Where did you grow up and how would you describe your approach to life?

Naadirah: I grew up in Cape Town and I’m pretty sure it’s obvious from how I like to spend my time in the mountains :D! As for my approach to life, I see every opportunity as a learning experience with unlimited positive outcomes. This goes hand in hand with always backing myself and believing that I am capable. I’m motivated by challenges and seek them out both consciously and subconsciously.

WA: Where did the passion for rock climbing begin and what does it look like now for you?

Naadirah: My passion actually began after I broke my arm and had surgery in January 2017. This put me out of activity for the better part of 8 months, and it was my Dr who suggested I start climbing as a means of gaining strength and extension in my arm. The ironic bit was that I’d learned about climbing two months before my injury. Indoor climbing gave me strength and confidence in myself – especially physically.

I noticed a marked increase in my self-confidence and self-belief, my pain cave was now very deep, and physical boundaries seemed to fall away, which positively influenced all areas of my life (including my work)! There is a huge element of problem-solving and meeting great mental and physical challenges, which really appeals to me. It offers the opportunity to learn many technical and life skills. Climbing for me now looks a bit different. It’s more about the community and wanting to enact change in it—to give back to a sport that shaped many parts of me that I love. This community is so welcoming, giving, and transformative—a family, really.

Discover The Thrills Of Outdoor Rock Climbing!
Naads on the send! (c) Paul de Villiers

I also have a stronger connection to playing in the mountains than indoor climbing. I feel drawn to spending my time in nature and have found myself developing a strong and protective bond with the environment. You become a lot more aware of the impact that we have on our environment when you spend most of your time absorbed in it!

WA: What has been one of your top rock climbing experiences / trip to date and what is next on your bucket list?

Naadirah: One of my favourite trips to date was to Rocklands in 2021. It was June, and I’d just spent the last 3 months regimentally training 5x a week for bouldering season. This was my first time training for something so intently and with as much discipline. On one of the days of that trip, I sent three 7a’s and upped my flash grade to 6c+. I’d basically gone from climbing 6b to 7a’s really comfortably.

I remember feeling so capable and amazed that training worked and that I was climbing like that—not someone else on Instagram that I generally admire and feel inspired by. Next on my bucket list is to be able to do a one-month stint in Rocklands and a one-month stint in Fontainebleau, France. My trips haven’t been longer than a weekend, and I’d like to have the full bouldering season experience.

Naadirah is also a co-creater alongside Catie Monteiro on the popular F8 Bouldering YouTube channel.

WA: If you could have a week to climb with anyone in the world, anywhere in the world, who would it be and where would it be?

Naadirah: Hazel Findlay in Yosemite :D! So difficult to decide! There are so many female crushers whom I find aspirational.

WA: When you aren’t hanging off of a rock, what are you up to?

Naaridah: Trail running and cycling! Other than sports, I’m finishing my PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology! It has been a long journey so I’m looking forward to finishing in the next few months. Otherwise, you can find me cooking, baking and hosting dinner parties! Ooooh and reading, lots of reading time.

Naadirah Moole Te Water Rock Climbing In Cape Town
Naadirah climbing in the Cape Town city bowl on the World Cup boulder. (c) Binaca Asher

WA: Any words for people thinking of giving climbing a go?

Naadirah: There are many things about this sport that can strike as intimidating, from the lingo to the gear to the boulder bros. Remember that we’re all just big kids playing on rocks. Back yourself and back that you are capable, no matter your starting point. Climbing is for everyone!

You can find Naadirah’s “Intro to Rock Climbing” series here to walk you through the best way to get into this awesome adventure sport!
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