SIGEYI AXO Cycling Power Meter – Product Breakdown

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We take a look at the important details of the SIGEYI AXO power meter that has recently hit the South African market.

Why We Have Power Meters

Power meters are increasing in popularity (as coach John Wakefield notes in this article) as they are a very practical tool for gathering power and cadence data while riding which can be used real time to measure performance as well as retrospectively to plan future training more effectively. They exist in a variety of designs, some are located in the pedal, some in the crank arm, and others are integrated into the chainring. The advantage of chainring power meters is that they are fairly easy to install, they are well protected from damage, they can be very accurate, and are often less expensive.

Power Meter Affordable For Cycling Training Sigeyi Axo In South Africa
The SIGEYI AXO is a chainring based power meter on the lower end of the price spectrum.

The SIGEYI AXO Power Meter

Recently arrived on the South African market are the SIGEYI AXO power meters. Imported by Phil Buys Sports, the Chinese brand SIGEYI is making quality power meters at an affordable price.

They have recently undergone some hardware and firmware updates that have made them a high performing option for power measurement (see video below). Trusted by the SA Champ himself Phil Buys, the AXO power meter comes in a wide range of crank standards to suit your drivetrain be it Shimano, SRAM or another (full compatibility list below). So with that let’s take a look at some of the details of the SIGEYI AXO.

Power Meter Affordable For Cycling Training Sigeyi Axo In South Africa
SIGEYI AXO Compatibility Chart

SIGEYI AXO Specs and Details

SIGEYI’s AXO power meters attach directly to the crank and then allow you to attach your 4 bolt chainring of choice. This means that you can easily replace the worn out chainring when necessary and that if you sell your bike, it isn’t too much hassle to remove the power meter and pop it onto the new bike so long as you’re using the same cranks. These lightweight power meters are available in road, gravel and mountain bike specific crank models and they are fully waterproof.

SIGEYI have gone to good lengths to ensure the product delivers accurate data including programming in an auto-zeroing feature (activated by back-pedalling) and automatic temperature adjustment. GP Lama did a great in depth review of the AXO’s accuracy in power readings that you can see below.

GPLama In Depth Review Of SIGEYI AXO Power Meter

In terms of compatible devices that can be synced with the SIGEYI AXO you’ll find that it will connect to a wide range of cycling computers or smart watches through its ANT+ or bluetooth smart connectivity. When you’re needing to recharge the unit, that is done easily through a USB cable with a proprietary connector. When it comes to doing firmware updates, those can be easily performed through the SIGEYI app where you can also adjust the unit’s settings and get power readings.

If you’re into personalising your ride and adding some colour, the SIGEYI AXO Power meters do come in black, red, blue and yellow. The look pretty cool and it’s a nice touch!

Do note that the SIGEYI AXO is not compatible with 28 or 30t chainrings, but we are here to find watts aren’t we? So that shouldn’t be a problem! The AXO comes with a 2 year warranty.


The SIGEYI AXO power meter’s strength is really in the bang you get for your buck. Coming in at R7500 for the SRAM and Shimano options (you’ll pay less than R8000 for the Cannondale spec meters as well) and offering reliable and accurate power that can connect directly to your cycling computer of choice.

That price puts them well at the lower end of what you will pay for a power meter but the emphasis here is that you can have confidence in it being a reliable product. Waterproof, lightweight, simple connectivity, and the assurance of accurate power readings.

Power Meter Affordable For Cycling Training Sigeyi Axo In South Africa
If you’re looking for a reliable and reasonably priced power meter, this is where it is at.


Our take? The AXO strikes as a well designed product where attention has been payed to what is important, we really like the look of these power meters! Being a spider based unit, you don’t need to worry about damage as much as you might with pedals, and the installation and synchronising with the head unit is very straightforward.

You can find a link to the South African store here:

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