Unassuming Aenomoly “SwitchGrade” Saddle Clamp A Potential Game Changer For Your Ride?

As our mountain bikes become increasingly advanced in design and technology, various ride fine tuning innovations are popping up everywhere. Aenomaly Constructs is a small company based out of British Columbia that saw a problem in bike design and set about creating a...

Evil Releases The Epocalypse – Their First eMTB and It Is A Monster

Evil bikes are known for having a bit of a cult following in the mountain bike community. They offer a range of gravity oriented bikes and have had some of the loosest freeride athletes in the world send them down the gnarliest terrain you can find. Their DELTA...

Free Speed On Your Mountain Bike? That Is What “BrakeAce” Promises

We all dream of riding faster on our mountain bikes but is seems the time and effort required to make meaningful gains in fitness isn't always realistic for our lifestyles! Strength and fitness are not the only influencing factors on your speed though, skill is of...


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