Watch | Brandon Semenuk In New X Games Video “Fools Gold”

The master is back with another exquisite demonstration of bike control, creativity and style. Brandon Semenuk rides a beautifully crafted...

World Records Smashed At DarkFEST 2023

Freeride mountain biking took a giant leap forward at DarkFEST last week as world records progressively tumbled - spearheaded by the 120-foot...

How The Women Of DarkFEST Are Pushing The Freeride Boundaries

Freeride mountain biking has been a very male dominated category of the sport since its inception. It has been awesome to see the culture changing...

DarkFEST Returns With 30 World Class Riders To Go Big At Hellsend

33 meters doesn't seem that far in most contexts but when it's the distance you need to fly through the air from the takeoff of a jump to reach the...

Watch: Real Life Video Game With Fabio Wibmer In Grand Theft Bike

Fabio Wibmer is an Austrian trails and free ride master. His latest project "Video Game (Grand Theft Bike)" is a lot of fun, especially if you've...

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