The Privilege of Movement Film Festival

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Privilege of Movement Film Festival is a celebration of our ability and love to move freely in  natural spaces. It also recognises the hard reality that the greatest threat facing the planet  today is lack of biodiversity, and biodiversity is dependent on freedom of movement for all  species. Through exploring, celebrating and educating about our natural spaces we aim to  manifest a culture that values the environment better, and hence encourages a more conscious interaction with it.  

The Privilege Of Movement Film Festival
The Privilege of Movement film festival is happening in support of the Eden to Addo Corridor Initiative

Dates: 30 Sept – 2 Oct 2021 

Venue: Hillcrest Estate, Cape Town

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In support of the Eden to Addo Corridor Initiative

Why is it important to enable biodiversity through corridors? 

Due to fragmentation of the biomes there is thought to be only one free roaming  elephant, left hiding in the Knysna Forests. The elephant is a keystone species and path  maker. Without biodiversity species are forced into inbreeding and all variety is lost, which  is essential for evolution and homeostasis. But this requires movement. By opening  corridors we can potentially reunite the last free roaming elephant of Knysna with her herd  in Addo, and in so doing open the route to all species of animals, plants and insects and  keep their existence rich. Find out more here 

This festival attempts to harness humankind’s privilege of movement to enable other  species to share equal opportunity. 

The films: 

Unfold (17mins) – A 1136km traverse of the Cape Fold Mountains 

By Damien Schumann 

In a time when humanity has conquered everything, imagine finding a forgotten mountain  range in your backyard. Unfold chronicles the personal and physical journey of a  photographer who attempts the first entire traverse of the 1136km Cape Fold Mountain  Range. What starts as a radical idea for adventure, becomes a deep engagement with one  of the worlds most diverse biomes, and a confrontation with why someone would risk their  life, alone, for a month, to know their backyard better. Ridgeline running lends itself to a  fast and light alpine style. This genre of movement provides access to some of the South  Africa’s harshest yet magnificent landscapes. Stepping into the unknown and ungoverned  can be liberating, but also desperately challenging, and this film bares it all in an attempt to  take adventure back to the golden age of exploration. 

The Privilege of Movement (17mins) – Following an ancient elephant migration path,  because no other species can 

Directed by Clyde Berning and Damien Schumann. Produced by Joan Berning. 

The greatest threat facing the planet today is fragmentation of landscape, which kills  biodiversity, literally through inbreeding. The Eden to Addo Corridor Initiative is working to  develop biodiversity corridors that link the three unfenced Mega Parks – The Addo  Elephant, Baviaanskloof and Garden of Eden National Parks – so that all species of  mammals, insects and plants alike can migrate as they have for centuries. Ultra runners  Clyde Berning and Damien Schumann decided to utilise their Privilege of Movement in  November 2020 to run on behalf of all species that once followed this ancient elephant  migration route between these parks, in the hope to reunite the last remaining elephant in  the Garden Route National Park with her herd in the Addo. Teamed up with a Biology  Conservationist and an Expedition Doctor, their adventure made for an insightful, moving  and sometimes comical experience.  

Rolling Mountains – North America (37mins) – The ultimate trail running road trip  Directed by Damien Schumann, Produced by Ragna Debats and Pere Aurell Pro trail runners Ragna Debats and Pere Aurell tackle the sixth continent in their global  running adventure Rolling Mountains. Teamed up with their two dogs and daughter Onna,  they spend six weeks living in a campervan and exploring North America’s best National  Parks and trails. All the while Ragna is preparing for her first 100 mile race at Western  States and is hoping for a podium finish amongst the worlds leading trail runners. If you have a travel bug and love the outdoors, this is all the inspiration you need. 

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