The Woolworths X Tri Series Fires Up For 2022 At Paul Cluver Wines – Sunday 20th Feb

For some people, just one sport doesn’t quite cut it. Why only head out for a run when you can get a swim in before or go for a big ride later as well? Why not all three? It is for this reason that triathlons exist! This mixing up of 3 popular sports also has a fun factor that gets people off the couch and out the door to go and have a laugh, enjoy some time in the sun, and be active outside with friends and family at any number of beautiful locations. This is what the Woolworths X Tri series is about and event 1 of 2022 is coming up this Sunday the 20th Feb at Paul Cluver Wines!

The Woolworths X Tri Series Fires Up For 2022 At Paul Cluver Wines - Sunday 20Th Feb
The Woolworths X Tri finds the perfect setting at Paul Cluver to commence the 2022 season.

The Woolworths X Tri Series hits 3 locations per year with an inclusive host of events to get involved in. The Full Triathlon caters to the fit, strong, and technically skilled; people looking for a good challenge to conquer. The Lite Triathlons are there for you to dip your toe in the proverbial X Tri pool and get a feel for what this kind of event is about. Shorter stage distances and less technical terrain means that just about anyone who can run a few kilometers, swim a couple hundred meters, and pedal a mountain bike over a few hills can get involved!

In the spirit of getting everyone outdoors and involved in the fun, if you aren’t up for the multi-discipline events, alongside the triathlon events at each location of the series you will find a Run 4 Fun and a Walk 4 Good to participate in. The series is run with charity as a core purpose and this takes the form of the Woolworth Trust.

The Woolworths X Tri Series Fires Up For 2022 At Paul Cluver Wines - Sunday 20Th Feb
400m of swimming in the Lite or take on 1000m in the Full if you’re more aquatically adept!

So what’s happening in Grabouw this weekend? The first event of the 2022 series will be set on the beautiful Paul Cluver Wine Estate with a full host of events to get involved in, full and lite triathlons as well as the run and walk events. The Full Triathlon has a marvelous route that isn’t shy of some good climbing and technical terrain! Starting with a 1000m swim on the picturesque Groenrug dam, then 27km of mountain biking on the exquisite trails of Paul Cluver Wines (popular for the “play day” of Wines2Whales), and finishing with 12km of tough but beautiful trail running!

The Woolworths X Tri Series Fires Up For 2022 At Paul Cluver Wines - Sunday 20Th Feb
You can come for an all out race or just cruise it with your mates!

The Lite takes in the same surroundings but steers clear of the more technical sections and bigger climbs. 400m swim, 12km jeep track ride, and 5km off-road run. It’s a great entry into the world of off-road triathlons if you’re a bit tentative and makes the fun of being outside and active at these events easily accessible! The Run 4 Fun and Walk 4 Good events are 5 km and 3km respectively meaning just about anyone can get involved in the charity driven day of good times in the outdoors.

The Woolworths X Tri Series Fires Up For 2022 At Paul Cluver Wines - Sunday 20Th Feb
The WILD AIR Crew is pumped to get involved at the Woolworths X Tri Series this year! And not only for the food!

We are looking forward to getting involved at the WW X Tri Paul Cluver this weekend as well as the other events on the 2022 calendar! We’ll be in KZN on April 30th and Gauteng come September 25th to get amongst the good times at a few more incredible locations!

If you are keen to catch the action from this weekend’s events, you can follow along on @wildairsports as Tracy-Lee Dalton takes on the Lite Triathlon while J-Dogg is there to fill you in on what all is happening on the day!

To check out the event website click HERE and to follow along on the respective social media channels hit the links below!
Instagram: @ww_xtri
Facebook: WW X Tri

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