Karkloof Plays Host To Successful Woolworths X TRI Series Opener

Umdloti's Darryn Purtell and Johandri Leichester win the first event of the 2024 Woolworths X TRI series in Karkloof, read on for all the info. If...

Ultimate Race Week Strategy For Woolworths XTRI

Expert advice on what to do (and not to do) in the final few days ahead of an off-road triathlon. Renowned triathlete and multiple Woolworths XTRI...

How To Juggle Triathlon Training And A Full-Time Job

Read on to learn how to make the most of your busy work and life schedule and still fit in some triathlon training for the Woolworths X-Tri Events....

How To Master Off-Road Triathlon Transitions

The final Woolworths X TRI powered by Imperial of the 2023 season is around the corner. Here are 5 expert tips for moving through the transitions...

Woolworths X TRI Going Back To Its Roots For Season Finale

Paul Clüver to host the final Woolworths X TRI powered by Imperial, for 2023 Off-road triathlon has a long and storied history in South Africa....


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Transitions are a critical part of any triathlon, often referred to as the fourth discipline of the sport. Learn expert tips and strategies to navigate through transitions smoothly and efficiently, shaving precious seconds off your race time. Whether it’s T1 (swim-to-bike) or T2 (bike-to-run), we’ve got you covered with advice from the pros.

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