Ultimate Race Week Strategy For Woolworths XTRI

Expert advice on what to do (and not to do) in the final few days ahead of an off-road triathlon. Renowned triathlete and multiple Woolworths XTRI...

How To Juggle Triathlon Training And A Full-Time Job

Read on to learn how to make the most of your busy work and life schedule and still fit in some triathlon training for the Woolworths X-Tri Events....

The Rise, Fall and Rise Of Off-Road Triathlon in South Africa

At the forefront of this revival, the Woolworths X TRI series embodies the essence of off-road triathlon. We’re pretty fortunate down here on the...

Learn From The Man Who Did 105 Back-to-Back Iron-Distance Triathlons

In mid-2023, Sean Conway set a world record for the most consecutive Iron-distance triathlons. Here are some outtakes: An iron-distance triathlon...

Experience the Thrilling Woolworths X TRI Gauteng Event at Prime View, Midrand

The highly anticipated Woolworths X TRI powered by Imperial Gauteng has a new home. This unique and vibrant off-road triathlon is relocating from...


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