Why The WW X Tri Triathlon Series Is The Perfect Weekend Adventure For Friends and Family

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We are weeks away from the first WW X Tri of 2022. WW X Tri is a series of off-road triathlon races scattered across the country for everybody to enjoy. Locations are out of this world with the first 2 rounds taking place at Buffelspoort on 25 September and the Karkloof (30 October), each within 90 mins drive from JHB and Durban respectively. It’s enough of a drive to escape the city but not too far for a family excursion. The Paul Cluver event will round off the 2022 series on the 4th of December.

Off Road Triathlon Series In South Africa With Events In Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal (Kzn) And Western Cape The Ww X Tri Sponsored By Woolworths.
WW X Tri is a charity driven family friendly off road triathlon series that is hitting Gauteng, KZN and the Western Cape in 2022.

Triathlon Route Options

What is exciting about these WW X Tri off road triathlon events is that we are going back to basics with a range of distances for all abilities and the safety of being off the busy roads we all try to avoid on the daily. There is a Full Triathlon (1km swim / 27km bike / 12km run), Lite Triathlon (400m swim / 12km bike / 5km run), a 5km off road run or a 3km walk to participate in.

Great Locations

As a location for an off road triathlon the Karkloof is an exceptionally stunning area and it also has one of my favourite coffee roasters and cafés, Bluebird Coffee! It has been a December holiday location for a few years now with some of the best views and gravel roads!

Off Road Triathlon Series In South Africa With Events In Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal (Kzn) And Western Cape The Ww X Tri Sponsored By Woolworths.
Buffelspoort is the first of 2 new locations to be visited by the WW X Tri series in 2022! Just outside Johannesburg with a beautiful dam to plunge into for the first leg of the X Tri and trails to be explored by bike and foot after that.

Buffelspoort, in the heart of the Magaliesberg, is the place I did my first ever triathlon 15 years ago (just a shorter skinner version of myself in a Speedo and my dads MTB). It is also within striking distance of some of the best pancakes ever!

Fun For Everyone

Triathlon doesn’t need to be a whole day event but it can be a whole family adventure and the WW X TRI encompasses that to a tee with the amazing facilities and Woolies experience. We’re looking forward to great coffee, chill zones, plenty of good food options and space for kids to burn off some energy!

Off Road Triathlon Series In South Africa With Events In Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal (Kzn) And Western Cape Sponsored By Woolworths The Ww X Tri
The Full Tri loop poses a proper challenge for the experienced to race and test themselves against while the Lite Tri and 5km run or 3km walk make the fun accessible for all ability levels and ages!

How To Train For It

With all great things a plan or road map is key. Not only to squeeze the race potential but also to manage the training load with external life stress and commitments . I personally believe in a term called “seasonal balance”. Everybody strives for this work / life balance but I don’t believe a blanket balance exists as each month, quarter, term or year you’ll find that your priorities differ, and that’s okay!

Having somebody help you adjust your schedule to keep your priorities in check helps manage expectations across the whole ecosystem of life. If you enter a WW X TRI event you’ll be able to access a free training plan from either myself or one of the 2 other official coaches.

So go for it! Set the goal and let me show you that you do not need to give up all the other stuff in your life to be a triathlete. This distance is an great balance of fitness and fun. I can’t wait to see you out there.

Coach JRAD

Coaching For Triathlon And Off Road Triathlon In South Africa For The Woolworths Triathlon Series (Ww X Tri) Locations In Gauteng, Kzn And Western Cape.
Jaryd Browne (coach JRAD) is one of 3 official coaches to the WW X Tri series. He coaches the PEaK Team in Gauteng.

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