Woolworths X TRI Going Back To Its Roots For Season Finale

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Paul Clüver to host the final Woolworths X TRI powered by Imperial, for 2023

Off-road triathlon has a long and storied history in South Africa. Unfortunately, the sport went through a bit of a dip some years back with many events falling off the calendar. Fortunately, the past few years have witnessed a remarkable resurgence, with the Woolworths X TRI series leading this revival. Originating as an annual event in the Western Cape, aimed at raising funds for the Woolworths Trust, the series expanded to Gauteng and KZN in 2022 and 2023 saw a resounding success of the series. The series finale takes place on 3 December at the original home of the Woolworths X TRI, Paul Clüver.

Woolworths X Tri

Situated beneath the Groenlandberg and in the heart of a natural conservancy, Paul Clüver Family Wines is a pioneering cool-climate Elgin wine estate. The estate offers a range of distinctive, terroir-driven wines as well as a restaurant with a menu featuring fresh seasonal ingredients. However, it is the spectacular location (which forms part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and renowned trail network that makes it a famous landmark and host to many world-class trail running and mountain biking events, including FNB Wines2Whales.

What Is The Woolworths X TRI

Paul Clüver is the original home of the Woolworths X TRI (it started way back in 2009) and a highlight of the multisport calendar every year. 2023 promises to be bigger and better than ever before. This unique off-road triathlon platform offers a mass participation swim, bike, run (and walk) experience, catering to both elite racing aspirations and the desire for an enjoyable outing.

For A Good Cause

The event is in aid of the Woolworths Trust, which is a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) that was formed in 2003 and has been making a tangible difference in South Africa ever since. The Trust is a collaborative effort and works in partnership with various organisations, to make a difference in local communities by funding programmes that improve food security, reduce child vulnerability and uplift education. The annual Western Cape X TRI event was always done in aid of the Woolworths Trust so now by spreading the events geographically more people would be able to help raise funds while having a great day out in the outdoors.

What To Expect At The Woolworths X TRI

A distinctive feature of the Woolworths X TRI is its diverse range of categories tailored to every level of fitness and technical proficiency. Whether you’re a newcomer eager to test your mettle, a weekend warrior seeking a fresh challenge, or an elite athlete striving for excellence, there’s a category tailored for you.

For the elites, the X TRI Full features a demanding course: a 1000m Open Water Swim, a 27 km technical mountain bike segment, and a 12 km trail run. For those seeking a slightly less daunting challenge, the X TRI LITE offers a 400m open water swim, a 12 km jeep track mountain bike leg, and a 5 km off-road run.

Recognising that the joy of participation isn’t confined to the fiercely competitive, the Woolworths X TRI includes options like the ‘RUN FOR FUN,’ a 5km off-road run (which can also be completed as a walk), and the ‘WALK FOR GOOD,’ a 3km nature walk suitable for participants of all ages.

Woolworths X Tri

Coaching For Everyone

One thing that really stands out for us too is the access to free coaching by renowned SA triathlete, Vicky Van Der Merwe of Stellenbosch Triathlon Squad. This addresses one of the most daunting aspects of entering a triathlon: the training regimen. It tackles questions like balancing the three disciplines, leveraging strengths while improving weaknesses, and determining the right training volume, timing, and approach.

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