Running Mobility Expert Lawrence van Lingen Is Workshopping In South Africa

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Lawrence van Lingen is coming to South Africa to host Workshops aimed at improving running mobility and strength. Whether you’re a well-versed athlete, just starting or want to fall in love with your running all over again, the Move Well, Be Well and Run Well workshops will help you realign your body and mind with van Lingen’s insightful new techniques around running mobility. Lawrence is from a global sports performance hub; and has interested and inspired many athletes with this new approach to running. 

Lawrence van Lingen, renowned South African chiropractic doctor and president of, has announced he will be hosting three workshops in South Africa this April under the theme “Move Well, Live Well, Be Well.”

The running mobility workshops take place in Durban on April 11th, Port Elizabeth on April 13th and Cape Town on April 17th, and aim to help runners unlock their true running and movement potential to benefit all athletic pursuits from beginner to pro.

Lawrence Van Lingen Is An Expert On Human Body Mobility
Lawrence van Lingen is an expert on the human body’s mobility!

Lawrence sums up his unique approach to holistic movement and its functioning, “I’ve always looked to evolve running to beyond its perceived challenges and limitations and get more people to understand running from an integrated approach.  To look past current ideas and fads and make the shift to running and moving holistically. This has such a positive impact on how much they enjoy running and these improvements transcend to all other sports they are participating in.”

More about Running Mobility Expert Lawrence van Lingen  

Throughout his career Lawrence has been entrusted with providing physical therapy to world-class runners, including New York Marathon winner Willie Mtolo, Olympic Marathon Gold medallist Josiah Thugwane and South African marathon record holder Zithulele Sinqe. These experiences gave Lawrence unparalleled insight into what the human body looks and feels like when it is operating optimally and when an athlete’s running mobility is on top form. Lawrence’s views on elite performance are not merely theoretical either. He has walked the walk when it comes to high-level sports, racing as a professional triathlete for two years and completing ten full Ironman races during that time.

Lawrence Van Lingen Running Mobility Expert Headshot
Lawrence Van Lingen

Information on the Running Mobility Workshops

The inspiring Workshop covers a wide range of topics designed to support this shift, i.e. the fundamentals of running, understanding emotion, motion, and posture to how to find your authentic running style.  Lawrence also includes – how to let running be your rehabilitation, understanding the basic movement patterns of moving well, releasing trauma and tension to heal through movement, breathwork, the flow rope and in a nutshell “learning to love running and have running love you”.  

Tickets are R1 950 and available online at  All participants will receive a flow rope, and a session dedicated to this new revolutionary training method. Flow rope work takes mobility to the next level by improving flexibility in the spine and balance. Lawrence credits rope work with some exciting personal experience.  “The flow rope has been incredible, it enhanced my running and understanding of running a quantum shift forward.” Said Van Lingen.

Learn the path to unlock your true running and movement potential in this workshop with Lawrence van Lingen, founder of Innerunner and guide to some of the worlds greatest athletes.

Lawrence has also witnessed “Incredibly powerful psychological and emotional reframing that goes with it in terms of movement and beliefs. For example, someone fearing for the ageing process and health of their spine, switching to feeling empowered and capable of so much more.”

Throughout his career, Lawrence has made a point of assisting not just elite athletes, but also amateurs and regular members of the community on their running mobility and strength journeys. His philosophy of attaining a better life through a better-integrated body is applicable to all.

Previous attendees offer testament to the fact. “Working with Lawrence has changed the way I think about moving and living and, in turn, go about each. If you’re willing to listen and trust Lawrence, be prepared to be surprised in the best way. The positive impact of working with Lawrence cannot be over-exaggerated.” Taylor Knibb, American professional triathlete.  2022 Women’s Ironman 70.3 World Champion

“After 30 years in the sports medicine and movement space, it seems there is very little new under the sun until you start discussions with Lawrence. He is constantly discovering and unpacking new concepts to help the elite as well as recreational athletes keep well and moving efficiently for a lifetime. Take his course it is definitely worth the time and effort. You will learn some incredible new things to help yourself as well as others.” Mark Cucuzzella MD Professor West Virginia University school of medicine.

“Your workshops have changed my life when it comes to running, cycling and swimming.   Using your techniques keeps me focused and fluid.  It was awesome! “ BZ

All participants are also invited to join Lawrence and friends for a run the following morning at 6 am to integrate the learning from the workshop.  

“South Africans are so passionate about running and sport,” said Van Lingen. “I’m super excited to help runners improve their overall health and well-being so they really can rediscover the joy of running.”

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