How Running Fitness Translates To Other Sports

*Spoiler alert - Running Fitness doesn’t always translate but it helps. Read on for some scientific insights. The Cape Town Cycle Tour took place...

How Are South Africa’s Top Trail Runners Fuelling Their Bodies?

An honest look at what pro-athletes are really eating to refuel after training sessions. What, how much, how long after. A discussion around...

How Can A Good Night’s Sleep Improve Your Running Performance

As a runner, ensuring you get enough quality sleep is just as important as focusing on your training and eating well. Not getting rest can hurt your...

How To Plan, Pack and Train For A Destination Running Race

Entering a race outside of your hometown, province or even the country adds a whole new level of motivation. It might just be the jolt your run...

Professional Hydration Secrets For Runners

While novice and intermediate runners tend to focus on distance and speed. Experienced athletes understand that adequate hydration plays a role in...


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