Podcast | John Wakefield Talks Cutting Edge Performance In Cycling & Motocross.

by | Jul 8, 2020 | Cycling and Mountain Biking Podcast

Back in April, we were privileged enough to chat with one of South Africa’s most decorated coaches across cycling and motocross, John Wakefield. The success he has achieved throughout his coaching career speaks volumes about his ability to connect with athletes in a way that delivers results.

John is known for his no bullshit approach. He has no problem telling you how it is and what you need to do. Those athletes prepared to stick to the process reach the top of their game. Those that don’t, go fly fishing.

John dedicates his time between coaching and increasing his knowledge of Sports Performance.  He works with individual athletes both locally and Internationally and is the Head of Coaching and Performance Co-ordinator at UAE Team Emirates World Tour Cycling Team. This has propelled him to become one of South Africas’ most successful and leading coaches.

His attention to detail and support of all athletes he works with throughout the season and years has lead to World Championships, Multiple National and African Championships and World Tour success Internationally. This is testament to the understanding of training prescription, monitoring and dedicated support needed for an athlete to progress and achieve personal goals.

Additionally, John has a long history with motocross (MX) and has helped develop and guide many of South Africa’s top MX riders to National and International success through coaching and management of athletes.

In this EP we talk to him about his journey, the athletes he has worked along the way, his approach to coaching, managing personalities and what it takes to work with a world tour team like UAE Emirates.


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