Watch: SA XCO Cup #2 Course Preview Presented By Giant

SA XCO Cup #2 of the 2022 season is upon us and of course we had to get J-Dogg and Sulli out on the course to do some scoping out and crashing! J-Dogg is rumoured to be taking to the start line himself this weekend.. should be interesting! The lap is roughly 4.3km...

Meet The New Powerhouse Marathon MTB Team Imbuko {type}DEV equipped by Giant

We've stepped into 2022 and the have been a few team shuffles in the local MTB racing scene. Two of the well established players from previous years, Imbuko Giant and {type}DEV NanoTime, have joined forces in creating a huge six-man marathon MTB focused racing team!...

Podcast | All You Need To Know About The 2022 Giant Anthem With Max Sullivan And Tristan De Lange

A classic XC bike has just received a full on overhaul! It is the Giant Anthem. A bike that many XCO or marathon riders would have spent time on at some point in their lives. For 2022 it has been redesigned with a new...


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