Our Top 7 Cycling and Mountain Biking Podcasts That We’re Listening To Right Now

These are the shows and hosts that we love to listen to on the road or trails when it's time for a cheeky podcast. In the cycling world there are a...

Why To (Or Not To) Train Like The Pros with John Wakefield

Is it a good idea to copy the training sessions and programs of the World’s best riders? John Wakefield shares his thoughts. In these days of...

The Ultimate Guide Of Cycling Films And Books For The Holidays

Our top films, books, and series from the world of cycling to indulge in during your holidays!  Get the popcorn going or grab your rooibos tea...

How To Avoid Losing Your Fitness In The Holiday Season

Don’t fear the down time and fruit cake during the holiday season. Here is how to stay fit and have fun! With a few beers around the braai, big...

Is Lugworm Blood the Next Doping Frontier?

Haemoglobin extracted from lugworms could be a new doping substance for sports performance enhancement. Here is what we know. Illegal...


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