How To Monitor Your Wellness As An Athlete And Adapt Cycling Training Accordingly

John Wakefield builds on the fundamentals of analysing your cycling training sessions to discuss the impact of wellness on training and how to adapt your training plan accordingly. In my previous article, I broke down the metrics that we use to measure performance in...

How To Analyse A Cycling Training Session For Performance Gains

Coach John Wakefield goes in depth and explains step by step how to analyse cycling training data to ensure you can grow as an athlete. Bon dia people of WILD AIR!! I need to start this article off by saying yes, it’s late, yes, I have gotten into trouble numerous...

Watt Bikes | A Beginner’s Guide

Watt bikes allow you to train efficiently and effectively, increasing your cycling strength and fitness without the obstacles associated with riding outdoors. This is our beginner's guide! Many of us get motivated to get fitter and faster in our sport of choice but...


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